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Disability Inclusion works with organisations in the private, statutory and voluntary sectors to help make services and facilities inclusive for disabled people.  WE do this by providing:

  • Training in disability equality issues and how to remove barriers experienced by disabled people
  • Research into the experiences of disabled people
  • Organisation of events which are accessible to disabled people with a range of impairments
  • Transcription of material into accessible formats such as Braille, large print and audio

We believe that disabled people should have the same choice and control that non-disabled people have in their lives in order to exercise their right to independent living.  We provide a range of services to individual disabled people including:

  • Information, advice and advocacy
  • Help with planning and costing support, including looking at different funding options
  • Help with putting services and support in place, including signposting to other organisations where appropriate
  • Help with managing any funding provided on a day-to-day basis, including keeping track of the budget to make sure the right support is available
  • Facilitation of self-help / peer support groups so people can share their experiences with others in a similar position

Disability Inclusion bases all of its work around the social model of disability.  This approach says that rather than being disabled by their medical conditions, people with impairments are disabled by the disadvantage or restriction of activity caused by the barriers they experience in society.

For further information about our work or to discuss your requirements, please contact Theresa Hodge on 0333 5779874 or e-mail

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