User-Led Organisations Support Pack

This Support Pack was produced as part of the East Sussex User-Led Organisations Demonstrator Site project, funded by the Department of Health.  Theresa Hodge was commissioned by East Sussex Disability Association (ESDA) to manage the project

The ULO Demonstrator Site project took place from October 2009 to March 2010. It was led by a team of disabled consultants (Theresa Hodge, Sarah Playforth and Jeni Price-Lupton) working on behalf of ESDA and it enabled a number of organisations working with disabled people and carers to receive a package of training and consultancy support to help them work towards becoming user-led organisations.

The project also provided a mentoring programme, where disabled people were provided with work experience opportunities. Each of the mentees worked alongside a disabled consultant to provide support to the participating organisations, and some also became members of the Project Board which oversaw the work of the project.

The ULO Support Pack aims to provide voluntary and community (third) sector organisations with the information that they need to enable them to work towards becoming a ULO.  

Date: March 2010

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