Disability-related Research

When you're planning and developing your services, it's important to consider the needs of disabled people. Disabled people are the experts on issues that affect them, so finding out the views and experiences of people who have used, or have attempted to use, your services would give your organisation or company useful information for future planning and development.

We have worked on a number of projects, researching:-

  • Disabled people's experiences of finding and staying in employment
  • The gaps in employment services for disabled people
  • Disabled people's experiences of getting hold of adaptive equipment through Social Services and other organisations
  • Disabled people's experiences around access to education
  • The experiences of disabled people working for, or applying to work for, a local authority
  • The experiences of disabled people when accessing the services of a number of public authorities
  • The experiences of disabled people and carers of using the East Sussex Wheelchair Service
  • The needs of disabled people in East Sussex

Any research that we undertake is carried out by disabled people as we believe that their direct experience as a disabled person will often encourage disabled participants to discuss more freely their experiences.

We would be happy to carry out research into the needs of disabled people who either use, or would like to use, the services of your organisation, to enable you to effectively plan or develop your services to ensure they are as inclusive and accessible as possible.

We will always ensure that our procedures and practices are open and explained to all research participants and participating organisations.

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