Solutions to Finding and Keeping PAs

This one-day event is being organised by Disability Inclusion on behalf of the East Sussex Direct Payments Peer Support Group.

The event will focus on the challenges and solutions for people using Direct Payments or Personal Health Budgets, and for self-funders, around finding and keeping PAs. It will provide opportunities for people to:

  • Hear from other PA users about their positive approaches to finding and keeping PAs
  • Share the `challenges and find solutions to finding and keeping PAs
  • Learn about the support currently available to help with finding and managing PAs and discuss any other ways that support organisations can assist
  • Discuss ideas around how PA users can support each other to find and keep PAs

A report will be produced of the findings from the event, along with a short booklet on how PA users can support each other with finding PAs.

Event Date: 
June 2014

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